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Visitor Comments

"Free entry!!! but you'll be happy to make a donation to the upkeep of such a unique place.
Hands on in the school room - children are encouraged to play and dress up."


"I took my two grand-children in to have a look. It was great they were actually encouraged to touch some of the items, there were games for them to play and dressing up clothes to try. We could have spent much longer looking around but other members of the family were waiting - will definitely go back when we have more time."

Reviews from Trip Advisor


"Genuine items of local interest and the two Shropshire women I met there were a wellspring of information both about the exhibits and the history of the locale. This is history made real for all those who visit."


“One of the best town museums in Shropshire, it’s housed in a picturebook-perfect Elizabethan timber-framed building with wooden posts propping up a 17th century upstairs extension, which feels wonderfully crooked inside”

Marie Kreft—travel writer,  in her book  Slow Shropshire

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