The Parlour


The Parlour brings the visitor back to domesticity, but it is a domestic scene much changed by the centuries from the kitchen where our story of the town began. It now houses the museum's collection of children’s toys and domestic pastimes from the 19th century.

doll's house

The doll’s house dates from the 1920s and was made locally by an elder brother for his young sister. Much of the furniture is original.

Small toys cabinet

A number of small and miniature toys are displayed here. Of particular interest is the performing bare-back rider, which may have belonged to a circus set - popular in Victorian times.

small toys

Less privileged children would have had simpler toys. Tops and whips, yoyos and kites, or a small boat to sail on the Wintle Pools, would have been more usual. Toys like these would have been home made.

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