Educational Visits

The House on Crutches Museum and Bishop's Castle Heritage Resource Centre new window welcome educational visits by groups of all sorts and ages, by prior arrangement at any time during our opening season, from Easter to September.

A typical Key Stage 1 or 2 visit would start with a look at the outside of the old building and the street outside. Inside a brief discussion of the meaning of a Museum and a collection, and an explanation of the period (late 19th and early 20th centuries) reflected in the interior.

We would then split up to visit each of the four rooms: the Kitchen and the Parlour (with toys and dressing-up clothes) on the Ground Floor, and upstairs, the Town Room reflecting local businesses of the period, and the Agricultural Room with pictures and artefacts relating to the farming life of the area.

A visit with older pupils or adults might focus on one of the following:

  • The World of Work
    A look at the various businesses and activities that supported the economy of rural communities in the past.
  • Childhood
    An opportunity to find out about, and examine for yourself, objects relating to domestic life and childhood in a small rural community.
  • This Old House
    Looking particularly at the building, its materials and methods of construction and its history.
  • How a Museum Works
    A behind-the-scenes look at a small local museum.

A heritage presentation to schoolchildren

Child in costume with resource box

If you would like your visit to have a different focus, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your specific requirements. If your group is a large one, we would suggest dividing into smaller groups, as the buildings are rather small. Unfortunately the House on Crutches, being old and with narrow staircases, is difficult to access upstairs for people with limited mobility. We do make a small charge or ask for a donation for visits.

Our volunteers are also happy to visit your school or organisation to talk about our work, show documents and pictures or bring objects on loan.

We can also introduce some of our recent research topics, such as the African’s Grave or Bishop’s Castle Bowling Club.

To arrange a visit, please contact the Education volunteers.

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